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Derol WrinkleFree Awakening EyeBalm

Derol WrinkleFree Awakening EyeBalm

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Derol WrinkleFree Awakening EyeBalm is a salmon complex infused balm, which contains Salmon Collagen, which increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin's effectiveness.


"I have been in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years I have work for companies as Chanel, YSL, la Paris I have just about every stick this company offers along with sprays and all I can tell you is it is amazing better than any cosmetic treatment I have ever used! I highly recommend especially for somebody has dry skin" - Kinsley Sears, 28, USA


“I apply this anti-wrinkle moisturizing balm after repairing night cream, and the combination has done wonders for my aging skin! Fine lines and eye wrinkles are reduced. Skin feels soft with just the right amount of moisture. I love this. I don't know how I ever lived without this product to be honest. It's perfect to carry while traveling too. Prevents dry skin during long flights.” - Sandi Cheung, 43, Singapore


Let’s talk about the benefits and features that you can get from DEROL

Contains wrinkle-fighting ingredients

  • Contains wrinkle-fighting ingredients - Salmon Collagen and Salmon PDRN are the star ingredients in this stick moisturizer. Salmon complex with hydroxyproline delivers anti-aging benefits by stimulating collagen synthesis, leading to improved skin elasticity. Swipe this on around the eye or mouth area, forehead, dimple area, or the neck or lips for an instant moisture boost that blurs fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

  • Skin-friendly, non-greasy texture that absorbs like a dream - This moisturizing stick is infused with Jeju natural oils such as carrot root extract, Schisandra berries, beta carotene, and carrot seed oil that are quick to absorb, preventing oily skin. These fermented ingredients have a high level of affinity with moisture present in the skin. So, they don't just stay on the surface. They get absorbed and moisturize the skin on a deeper level, addressing dehydration and dryness.
  • Youthful glow on the go! - This multi-moisture balm gives natural glow to any area you apply it to. It contains vitamin B12 that gives you naturally pinkish complexion and whitening benefits. Whether you want to moisturize your chapped lips, achieve that “glass skin” effect, brighten dull skin, or keep your makeup fresh and dewy, you can use this moisture stick anywhere at any given time.

  • Improved skin hydration in just a few swipes - The WrinkleBounce Moisturizing Balm deeply hydrates and nourishes skin. By keeping the skin moist and hydrated, it addresses skin woes such as dryness, rough texture, moisture loss, and weakened skin barrier.
  • Moisturizes and soothes dry hair - You can apply this balm on your hair or directly to your split ends to restore shine and provide nourishment to your damaged tresses.

  • Gentle even on the most sensitive skin - 97% of the formula are plant-derived ingredients and all of the ingredients are EWG green graded, making it safe to use for all skin types. The WrinkleBounce Moisturizing Balm is also free of artificial fragrance, artificial color, and allergen.
  • Easy to use & easy to tote! - This compact, all-in-one beauty product is perfect if you want a simpler and more streamlined approach to your skincare routine. It is portable and ready to use anytime. Simply twist, push the balm out, and apply on any area that needs instant moisture. You can use it at work or school, while you're eating or shopping, after washing your face or doing your skincare steps, when you wake up or before you go to bed, or before or after applying makeup. Use this moisturizing stick anytime and anywhere you feel like it!
Kianna's 14 days of Derol WrinkleFree Awakening EyeBalm Report
“I’ve been so stress always at work, sometimes my boss always asked me to do overtime just to finish some extra work. That’s how I got dark circles and the puffiness around my eyes. Then I discover this product which really effective. In just a day it already gives me a surprising improvement with my face skin.”
“In just 7 days, it already lightens the darkness around my eyes and it even start to tighten the skin of my face. I’m so happy to with the result in just a week!”
“For only 14 days of using this product my eyes and skin finally look so young, no more darkness and puffiness, especially the wrinkles are gone! I don’t even need to use concealers just to hide it. I love how my skin and my eyes transform!”

Kianna Willow
San Jose, California
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