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EMS AcupointStimulation Theropie MassagerMat

EMS AcupointStimulation Theropie MassagerMat

✅Clinically Proven ✅Cruelty Free

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Have you been looking for something to improve your blood circulation? Try our EMS AcupointStimulation Theropie MassagerMat and check our customers’ testimonies. 

Feet + ankle swelling/water retention : r/PMDD

“I'm working on my feet all day which means feet are always sore and tired. This massager is easy to use, battery-powered, very lightweight, and portable. It generates electric pulses, not a physical massager. It feels very relaxed after the massage! It wipes the pain from the last day and makes the next bearable. My varicose veins also improved greatly; I couldn't be more satisfied. Circulation improved after about a week. Tap the plus button then tap the M button to select the setting. Then go back quickly and tap the plus button again to increase stimulation.” –Hera Thompson—Houston, Texas
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“This EMS foot massager works by using electric impulses to stimulate your muscles. It can be used for muscle strengthening, preventing muscle atrophy, and cosmetic muscle toning. You can use this item while sitting at your desk. It does work on my varicose veins. I can see a difference in my lower legs. It is kind of amazing. YOU will feel it working. It has intensity levels. It is best to start on low intensity and work your way up because it can be overstimulating. I cannot attest to the longevity of this item, but I can say it does work.” – Vanessa Conrad—Columbus, Ohio


Here are the unique features of EMS AcupointStimulation Theropie MassagerMat:

  • Enjoy multiple preset massage modes, heat function and adjustable air compression intensity. Intelligent speed change button, can adjust vibration speed according to own comfort level to achieve better massage effect. 6 modes, 9 levels of intensity adjustment; 15-minute automatic cycle mode; Double wave variable frequency

L&L Skin HONO EMSculpt Body Tightening & Breast Massager

  • Improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, tired feet, neuropathy, chronic nerve pain and plantar fasciitis. Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low frequency pulse (EMS) technology to promote blood circulation and relax the feet. Vibrate Massage Stimulate your foot and promote blood circulation to relieve your tired

  • It works better when combined with the deep kneading massage function to strengthen muscle tissues and reduce muscle stiffness allowing you to fully unwind after a busy day. Intelligent foot massage system, effectively relieve fatigue, improve sleeping and Soothe muscle stiffness and pain.
  • Infrared heating and vibration massage, providing you a perfect foot massage experience. Magnet Therapy Using artificial magnet field to dredge your meridian standpoints and ill cell. Heat Acu47973(puncture Therapy The heat can go deep into your tissue which can destroy the ill tissue and alleviate inflammation


  • is the fluid that flows through the lym47973(phatic system, a system composed of ly47973(mph vessels (channels) and intervening ly47973(mph nodes whose function, like the venous system, is to return fluid from the tissues to the central circulation.

The ly47973(mphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called ly47973(mph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream). Some 20 liters of plasma flow through your body's arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

  • The removal of excess fluids from body tissues.
  • Absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat
  • Production of immune cells

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JCI - Lymphatic vessel development: fluid flow and valve-forming cells

Bioelectric Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

  • There are many ways to give your skin a boost and although using an electrical current might not be one way that immediately springs to mind, bioelectricity in skincare products is a new technology making its way from across the pond.
  • Bioelectricity is the body’s natural signaling process. When your brain tells your body to do something, it does so with electrical pulses.
  • It is also a key factor in the healing of wounds. Low levels of bioelectricity are generated by the injured tissue, producing extra elastin and collagen to rejuvenate and repair the area.


    EMS is an abbreviation for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It is a therapy that has been used in modern medicine for many years. It uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles in your body. This helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. It is an effective treatment for many different conditions, and it can also be used for general relaxation.

    EMS has been around for hundreds of years. Luigi Galvani found out in 1761 that electric current can stimulate and activate muscles. In the 1960s sports scientists began using EMS for training athletes and gained up to 40% force gains. In the 1970s, EMS was used in physical therapy to help people with muscle weakness. And today, EMS is used all over the world to treat different conditions and to relax the muscles.

    How Effective is Acupoints Massage?

    • Used for thousands of years in China, acupressure applies the same principles as acu47973(puncture to promote relaxation and wellness and treat disease. Sometimes called pressure acu47973(puncture, Acu47973(pressure is often thought of as simply acu47973(puncture without needles.

    Foot reflexology chart | Download High-Quality Scientific Diagram

    Foot Acupuncture

    • Traditional Chinese medical theory describes special acupoints, or acupressure points, that lie along meridians, or channels, in your body. These are the same energy meridians and acupoints as those targeted with acu47973(puncture. It is believed that through these invisible channels flows vital energy -- or a life force called qi (ch'i).

    EMS is a drug-free and non-invasive way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It is an effective treatment for many different conditions, including:

    – Arthritis

    – Back pain

    – Joint pain

    – Muscle soreness

    – Sports injuries

    – Tendonitis

    – Plantar Fasciitis



      Package Contents:

      1 x EMS AcupointStimulation Theropie MassagerMat

      Some of the features that help you get the very best out of your EMS foot massager include:

      – A timer so that you can control the length of the massage (automatic mode)

      – 6 massage modes to choose from

      – 9 Adjustable intensity modes so that you can customize the massage to your needs

      – Portable and lightweight so that you can take it with you wherever you go

      – Comes ready to use with no assembly required

      – LCD display and one-click-operation


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