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LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum

LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum

✅Clinically Proven ✅Cruelty Free

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Let your skin glow again and look younger than your age by using our LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum.


“I have used this pretty regularly for a year now and my skin looks and feels great. It definitely evened out my tone and the few small fine lines I had. I’m only 30 but for the cost this is where it’s at. I will be purchasing a third bottle since a little goes a long way with this product. Very pleased I entered it into my skincare routine.”—Marissa Johnson— Atmore, Alabama


"I am nearly 60, and I just don't want to admit it, but all the wrinkles on my face usually tells the story.  When I came across this serum, I was skeptical at first because that's what all the advertisement out there would say. However, I changed my mind after looking at the positive comments. I have used it for about one week, and I am starting to see the result, my wrinkles are surely lighter than before which makes me so happy. I will keep using it and see how far I can go." -  Cianna, WA



LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum- Quality Anti-Aging Serum

LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum immediately hydrates skin, while working overtime to visibly reduce wrinkles, firm skin and brighten in 1 week. Whether you're looking for a solution for deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, crow's feet, uneven skin tone or dry skin, we have an anti-aging formula that's right for you.





What will happen to your skin if you get older?


Skin changes are one of the most obvious outward signs that someone is aging and one of the most obvious indications of what happens to your body when you get old. As you get older, the skin gradually loses some of its elasticity and thins as fatty tissue under it decreases, which results in fine lines and wrinkles.

All of these things combined, along with other factors that come with ageing result in thin, fragile skin which bring on the dreaded skin changes such as wrinkling and sagging. Generally, other changes such as growths including warts, skin tags and blemishes are more common as we get older.




How does LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum work?

LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum is known for its lifting effect, as it freezes wrinkles and expression lines. It also contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids which contribute to skin looking plumped, healed, and hydrated, with improved elasticity.


2 Key Ingredients for an effective eye cream:

  • Blue Copper Peptide: Studies of blue copper peptides have shown that they can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen proteins, according to a 2015 research review. Using Blue Copper Peptides in a daily regimen will firm, lift and smooth the skin. It aids in reinforcing the skin's support structure and helps to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell turnover and enhancing skin clarity.


  • Small Molecule Hyaluronic Acid: The small molecules of low molecular hyaluronic acid can be retained in the skin's connective tissue and counteract wrinkles in the long term, since they bind moisture and therefore naturally plump skin from within. Instantly upon application, the skin feels hydrated and comfortably fresh. It also plays a major role in firmer, smoother skin. From about the 25th year of our lives onwards, the body’s own production in hyaluronic acid decreases. The results are fine lines and wrinkles.



This is why LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum  is so special:

  • This small synthetic peptide firms and smoothens the skin around the eyes.
  • Quickly absorbs to revitalize the delicate eye area
  • Helps you to have bright, lifted, and youthful-looking eyes.
  • Helps to reinforce and firm the appearance of the skin on the face
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while locking in moisture.
  • Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive or reactive skin.
  • Restore your youthful skin.
  • It is appropriate for both men and women.
  • repairs the skin around the eyes
  • Moisturizes, cares for fine lines, hydrates the skin
  • Makes the skin around the eyes look hydrated and shiny.
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles and boost firmness and softness


Natasha's 8 Weeks Eyes-Depuff Report:

Natasha is a 59 year grandma of 2 from Sydney. Like most women her age, the years have started to give her unwanted lines and wrinkles. Natasha said she decided to trial AntiWinkle ProSerum because she was so frustrated that nothing else has produced results. She was even considered a highly risky and very expensive eye-lift procedure. AntiWinkle ProSerum was somewhat of a last resort for her.

"After the first week of using AntiWinkle ProSerum , I was surprised at how wonderful it made my skin feel. It felt like every last pore on my face was being tightened and pulled by a gigantic vacuum cleaner.I don’t know how else to describe it! I could feel a warm tingling sensation around my eyes. Makes them a little less noticeable in the first week!."

"After 4 weeks of using AntiWinkle ProSerum, I was shocked at the dramatic results.

The lines, dark spots, and wrinkles - without question - were visibly reduced in size right before my eyes!

I was astonished by the results, and literally felt 10 years younger again. It was like watching all my wrinkles and fine lines vanish right off!"

"I think I'm addicted to this product now. After 8 weeks, not only had all my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished - SO DID MY WRINKLES AROUND MY EYES!If you can only afford 1 skincare product, this is the one you want!     My skin looked the best, it has looked in 10 years or more. Dewey and more youthful now."

Natasha Garza

Ealing, United Kingdom




This Serum saves you tons of money!

LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum all natural ingredients are carefully made to make a huge impact not only to your skin but also saves you tons of money in the long run. You will no longer be needing costly makeup to cover those dark circles and under eye bags and those harmful and expensive surgeries.


Originally Anti-aging Skin (Dermatologist) only available clinically

By using our product, you can avoid going to a lot of clinics with expensive sessions, you can also avoid consuming so much time.



How to Use:

Add Blue Copper Peptide into the Hyaluronic Acid and mix them gently.

Clean your face. Evenly apply around the eye then gently push out to the left and right.

Use the index finger to massage from the bottom to the upper eye.

Massage until the eye serum is fully absorbed by the skin.


Package Included: 1 Set/ 2 Sets/ 4 Sets/ 8 Sets x LANSIYI Blue Copper Peptide WrinkleRedu Serum (10ml)



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